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PowerBI Developer

The position requires:
  • Proficiency with PowerBI desktop and PowerBI Service.
    • Connect, import, shape and transform data for reporting.
    • Experience in developing Visualization reports and dashboards using PowerBI.
    • Sharing and managing refresh schedules with PowerBI service.
  • Ability to understand complex business processes and clearly visualize through Power BI and clearly articulate business requirements.
  • Ability to perform detailed data analysis (i.e. determine the structure, content and quality of the data trough examination of source system data and data samples).
  • Able to read and write SQL query statements.
  • Proficient in MS Excel and Microsoft’s PowerBI Suite (PowerBI, PowerQuery, PowerPivot, DAX)
  • Professional experience in successfully supporting user’s reporting and data needs.
  • Experience with Azure data products.
  • Good written/ oral communication skills.
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