Digitization of Government improves efficiency and accountability in operations. By transforming administrative procedures into digital process we enhance access to information and public service delivery. Tiqri helps government plan and implement feasible digital strategies that facilitates interoperability across large organizations. By the use of standardized platform technology and ICR scanning software, combined with our extensive expertise in legislation we push for economic development through digitization. Our goal is to help government build smarter cities in a sustainable way and to make sure public time and money is spent where its most needed.


ICR/OCR scanning

Digitizing often starts with paper. Scanning of paper archives allows government to use valuable historical data as ground work for digital strategies. Tiqri delivers ICR and OCR solution for handprint and handwriting for large scale scanning and consensus projects.

Web and mobile applications

Tiqri develops applications for data gathering, using platform technology specially designed for building web and mobile solutions. Applications are published in responsive design, allowing government to meet increasing expectations and new behavior patterns form a fast growing online population.

Workflow and case management

Enhanced communication fights one of the most common problems of isolated IT systems. Our powerful metadata and workflow management tools enables government to collaborate across large organizations to double efficiency and value of data.   

Life event services

Governments who already have a high level of e-service offerings to citizens, should accordingly present a simple and holistic user experience. Tiqri’s platform technology enables development of single access point and context-based services to generate a user interface based on citizen’s previous e-dialogue with government.

Public-private partnerships

We are always open to work in partnerships to achieve better results! PPPs allows government to build comprehensive projects with private financing and minimize risks. PPPs are exceptional beneficial for bigger national projects, and makes sure technological development is not limited to wealthier urban populations.

Civil digitizing

Tiqri specializes in transforming laws and administrative procedures into digital processes to enable government to make better decisions. Transparency in government operations enables better allocation of public resources. Trace, justify and validate decisions (even automate them!). Rule engines and access to information minimizes risks of breach with reporting requirements.


case studies

Kimberley Diamond Trading System

In 2000, the UN adopted the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) as a global scheme to prevent trading of “blood diamonds”. Together with The Ministry of Industry and Trade in Vietnam, we built an online trading portal for import and export related processes to assure transparent and secure trading of rough diamonds.

The solution consists of electronic forms for trader registration, plus import and export declaration. Traders can keep track of their on-going applications in a trader portal. Officials manage incoming applications in a transparent case management portal including options for reports and statistics.

Online Birth Registration

Every year, more than 50 million births are not registered. Children without birth certificates are vulnerable to child labor or child marriages. Together with the Ministry of Justice in Vietnam, we conducted a pilot to build an online birth registration system for the local municipalities and district offices in Ha Tinh province.

The system included e-forms for birth registration with highly detailed compliance to national laws and regulations in the field of civil registration. Officials manage incoming registrations in a case management portal, and can look up applicants based on their ID number. The system generates birth certificates when applications are approved by officials.

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