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Extended Development

TIQRI extended team is a unique and a proven service model designed to accelerate your product development with distributed teams working collaboratively with your onsite developer teams.

Product Engineering

If you have an idea to build a product, we are there to discover your product with you by innovating, designing, developing, testing and deploying it. We work with you from product vision to deploying the minimal viable product in the market and also help you to capture customer feedback.

Technology Innovation

Even the most traditional businesses today look for technology innovation to face the future challenges and capture new market opportunities. Our teams are ready to help you to come up with innovative solutions for your business with the latest technologies and concepts such as mix reality, BOT, IOT, Machine learning etc.

Quality Assurance & DevOps

You may deploy or update massive lines of code everyday across many environments via different teams, with the intention of getting to market faster than ever before. Our specialized QA and DevOps framework and skills help you to assure quality of your product in the most efficient manner. At TIQRI we believe that software quality can have a serious effect on the bottom-line.

UX and UI

We design products to have best user experience and interfaces that takes your products to a total new level in the market. We use latest industry trends and good practices to capture your vision in to a viable product that users love to use.

Project Governance

TIQRI ‘s philosophy of the PMO is to look beyond traditional project life cycle. We look at every customer engagement as a continuous value stream delivery. Our PMO guides you thorough out your engagement with TIQRI to develop your product or to have an extended software team to accelerate your product development work.



“We are very satisfied and happy to have found TIQRI as our software development partner at the time we started our company as a Product startup. TIQRI team showed great flexibility and high level of understanding towards all our requirements; either its software development or business needs.”

Knut Magnus Ugland Jacobsen
Knut Magnus Ugland Jacobsen


“We made our decision to use TIQRI’s technical know-how and their lean model to get our product into the market with right quality and right stack of technologies. I’m happy to say that the TIQRI team showed great level of flexibility and professionalism in all aspects that any start-up business may require from their software partner.”

Kurt Vanhaesebrouck
Kurt Vanhaesebrouck


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