Shamira Dias, CEO

“For the past 10 years at TIQRI we specialized in proving End-To-End (E2E) solutions based on Agile and Scrum methodologies, within global teams. We find that integrated teams deliver innovative E2E solutions to the market in less time and with better quality.

Our underline vision is to be relevant not only to our employees and to our customers, but also to the industry and the society. We are focused on continuously developing the career of our employees, so that they can grow. Our goal is to create value for all, and act responsible to both industry and society. Further, to be relevant to our customer by driving E2E business solutions, new designs and exploring new technical trends like AI, IoT, AR and VR.

TIQRI is truly a global organization, working across the globe with different cultures. It gives us great pride that our clients around the world see us as an effective toolbox in their product development. Ultimately, our customers benefit through improved competitiveness and an efficient cost structure.

We will continue to contribute to the development of our industry, and keep improving the global environment through smart and sustainable choices.

We at TIQRI are united in our efforts to work for the betterment of all our stakeholders. We would cordially ask you for your continued invaluable support!”


Finn Worm-Petersen
Finn Worm-Petersen


Shamira Dias
Shamira Dias


Sven Stikbakke
Sven Stikbakke


Jeyakumar Kirishnaruban
Jeyakumar Kirishnaruban

Head of Delivery

Kim Worm-Petersen
Kim Worm-Petersen

Sales Director

Frode Preber Ettesvoll
Frode Preber Ettesvoll

Senior Legal Director

Lene Normann Olsen
Lene Normann Olsen

Marketing Manager

TIQRI, previously called Exilesoft, is a global company with people of different cultures. It’s one of the strengths the company has to provide the best for its customers. We focus on providing solutions for Independent Software Vendors, Governments, Startups and Global Corporations.


our values

“T A C T D” guide us to create an innovative culture at TIQRI. The carefully chosen words are lived and given life to, through our strategic thinking and day-to-day operations.

T – Transparency

Being transparent to all our stakeholders is a virtue we practice at TIQRI. Transparency is a fundamental value within a global team and the first stepping-stone in a path towards a successful cooperation. It is a core ingredient in our value system.

A – Agility

We believe in Agility. Agility in our thinking, operations and management, is a tool to transform, change and shape our business. Every day. It helps us serving the diverse needs of our global partners.

C – Commitment

We are committed to our customers success. We work with complex software products and systems across a diverse spectrum. We share our customer’s vision and take on a long-term engagement involving every aspect of the business.

T – Trust

Trust is the key to successful cooperation, particularly in multicultural and geographically apart environments. Trust is built on proof. Every day, through Transparency, Agility and Commitment. 
You can trust us on it.

D – Disruptive

A relentless parade of new scientific breakthroughs and new technology cross our tables every day. Advances that will transform the way we live. It is time you train your mind to move into new territory. What was yesterday won’t cover for the needs of tomorrow. You decide your role. Be Disruptive.


At TIQRI, there is a competent management team which consists of members from business, engineering and delivery. Along with them, the teams take leadership at customer level, to provide the best solution for their business needs.


One of the best parts of working at TIQRI is the work life balance, the fun loving and learning environment that is available. Employees are quite keen on trying out new technologies. This does not stop at coding level but goes on to robotics, where the management supports their efforts.


Employees at TIQRI, do not only learn on their own, but share their knowledge through the TIQRI academy and Tech Talks with the others. TIQRI academy focuses on training people in house and universities, and institutes.


Being at TIQRI provides a learning career for the employee and helps them to build up their career, while focusing on customers to provide the right solution and the required time to capture the markets.

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