You bring the challenge:
We give the solution

We like challenges and we will provide effective solutions at all times.

Putting YOU in front of the game

We are competent in what we do, we have the technical knowledge, the creativity and the drive. We will bring our technology to your doorstep.


Cloud Based Developments & Maintenance

We will help you design and implement cloud architectures with elastic scaling and continuous delivery pipelines on state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure. Either by developing brand-new applications or by moving them from legacy systems. This benefits our clients with business agility, scalability, efficiencies and cost savings.


Artificial Intelligence & Internet Of Things

We are constantly focusing on providing our clients with the best possible support through the latest trends in artificial intelligence (AI), which will assist you to make better decisions with smart predictions, detecting anomalies and patterns in your data, future forecasting and more. We believe in assistive AI to work along you and with you, to reduce cost, improve efficiency and maximize your benefits within your business domain.


Business Intelligence & Analytics

Nowadays, Business Intelligence is not limited to the top-management in an organization. We are moving towards an Operational Business Intelligence model that can be customized to all levels in an organization.

We help you visualize your data and share insight across your organization, and ultimately boost your business operations.

Our BI solution is flexible and practical, so the end-users can interact with their data without having much technical knowledge.


Quality Assurance & Automation

Here at TIQRI, our staff of experienced QA Engineers use a continuous improvement quality process, which involves them in the development process from the start of the project. Apart from being process oriented, and using the right QA Strategies, the use of Test Automation also provides an added advantage, in making testing easier and less time consuming. The goal is to ensure that all products follow the requirements of our partners, and add value to any product that goes to market.


Mobile & Wearable

Mobile apps are not an additional feature anymore; in today’s world of a competitive market, a mobile app is a must-have. We will provide you with the best user-experience on your applications through wearables. Our expertise on cross platform implementation, scalable mobile solutions will help you to transform your disruptive ideas from inception to final delivery on your users’ devices.


Enterprise Software Development

With our expert software design and development practices, we help organizations digitally transform their business by providing solutions for complex Enterprise problems using cutting edge technologies. As every piece of the architecture puzzle contributes to the success or failure of the final product, our engineers design products keeping the clients vision in mind. We design and develop robust, scalable, high performance, fault tolerant applications with well defined APIs using microservices and cloud based architectures combined with Business Intelligence.


User Experience Design

UX is associated with creativity, colors and graphics. Knowing how to give your product the most rewarding and ‘delightful’ user experience, is the responsibility of the UX designer, such as, functionality, usability, user adaptability, typography, etc. UX is generally focused on development of digital products, but the theory and process can be applied to just about anything.


Where it all happens:
Our workspace

Our workspace is where your ideas are given life. It is the space where we create, where we deliver.

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